Tag-araw ng isanlibo, siyam na raan at walumpu’t siyam

Tag-araw ng isanlibo, siyam na raan at walumpu’t siyam

Di sinasadyang pagtatagpo

Di mailarawang kasiyahan ng puso

Di rin nga ba ibinigay dahil sa inaakalang gulo

Ng walang pinag-uugatang panibugho?

Panginoon ko, tanging panalangin

Landas nami’y muling pagtagpuin

Buhay at isipan nawa’y pagsamahin

Dahil sa habambuhay, siya lamang tanging mamahalin. 

One more poem for you…


Sa Tamang Panahon

Written in our national language, Filipino. One true love.

Tama man ang nararamdaman

Hindi tama ang pagkakataon. 
Sa tuwina aking dasal, 

Masabi kong ikaw ang tanging pinakamamahal

At marinig muling ako rin ang siyang bigay ng Maykapal

Sa tamang pagkakataon, 

Sa itinakdang panahon. 



Muse, my muse, I long to meet you again after a lull from putting out my thoughts out in the open. Bear with me please as I still gather the courage to once again share what my mind is up to. 📝

End of the day

At the end of the day, what really matters is the relationship we have with our God, with how we’ve tried to conduct ourselves when nobody can see or hear us except God himself.

My Lord, I firmly believe in deliverance, in faithfulness, in love that sets no conditions, in all that you represent, whether I’ve seen them or have yet to see them. A mere speck in this world, I am. Yet you place a high price on my, with our lives by putting events, people, situations which I truly cannot decipher but have already mapped out yourself. Who then am I to doubt your greatness? Thank you still, for listening patiently to my endless questions, and letting me see when you want to and not letting me when you just want my trust be wholly placed on you.
Magnificent, awesome, powerful, humble. You are my life. Thank you God!


Life workers

Who makes buildings look spic and span with a new coat of paint? These building painters who I noticed doing just that, making a hospital building less drab, more appealing. And it made me think and made me wax something sentimental with my kid (who was then confined for pneumonia-ah, this is another story). “Look at them dear, look how hard they work and no harness! That’s scary!” My kid sat up and asked if they don’t get dizzy. Told her that they probably did but didn’t mind because they were making a living for their family. She was amazed at the same time confused. Amazed because we were on the 10th floor, confused because she still couldn’t fathom why and how in the world can these men do that, balance themselves from a dangerous looking workplace and yes, work at the same time. I then took advantage of a ‘Shifu/Master Yoda/Mommy’ learning moment and of course shared with her the great and protective love of God. That no matter what, even if we don’t see, hear or feel Him, He is always with with us. That He may allow trying moments, difficult ones which will make us struggle and most probably question His existence, that He may also allow joyous moments, bursts of random smiles, giggles, healing from a lingering illness. Ah! An opportunity I took advantage of. Hopefully when my daughter sees another house or building painter, she’d remember the awesome love that only God can give.



1 Corinthians 13:4-7

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

This post will be short, simple and I guess, sweet? And I’ll love YOU with all my heart. Lifting you up to our all loving God.


Emergeny Room Exchange

I cannot help but overhear the conversation between a woman and her dad in the emergency room. They were discussing everything under the sun, including hilot. The dad, in his 70’s I think was way cool for most traditional daddy images. He shared anecdotes with his adult daughter and they laughed about things seemingly nonsensical to them. She leaned on his shoulder when she got tired ( she was the patient ) and at one point they were teasing each other about something. And then at point he said ” I pity those patients who’d go to emergency rooms by themselves as if nobody is available to accompany them. ” Yeah, I guess here in the Philippines, it is a common sight to see a support group, in almost all situations. Especially in hospitals, in emergency rooms. Yep, most are strong enough to do almost everything on their own but maybe, just maybe, there also comes a time when they’d need somebody to lean on to.
This is one of my strongest motivations why I am fighting on, moving forward despite being wanted to be held back by circumstances and yes, an individual or two. My children would need me to be strong for them. The elders that I help take care of need me to remain focused at all times. The people that I meet and interact with would need my service in however little way possible. Maybe also for the person who would one day see, appreciate, accept and honor me for who I am.
The emergency room on a Sunday afternoon. I will fight and never give up. By the way, I am the patient.